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Home Hotel

Dear friends!

Currently we’re build an Alpine Home Hotel for you

Currently we’re build an Alpine home hotel for you!
We believe that we’ll be open by 2019 and you can make that joyous moment closer.
Let’s go bit by bit though, because many of you aren’t familiar with us yet…
How do you do?

Vasya the Cat at Facebook

We are: Katya, Oless and Vasya the cat. And we are hospitality fans, each in one’s own way, of course.
Three years ago we changed our hectic ways of Russia’s biggest city dwellers for life in a picture-book rural Slovenia. We rented a big house not far from one of Slovenian ski resorts and opened for guests…
Oh, yes, we named our place “Kakoste”, which is “How do you do?” in Slovenian ?

KAKOSTE Hospitality&Adventure TM

Five times in the last three years we were awarded the Superhost badge on Airbnb. We met and befriended a huge number of really terrific people! On some quiet Alpine night I’ll probably sit by a fireplace, remember and write down all that stories of the guests of our home hotel…
Of course, here were sad moments, like times when we had to refuse people no less terrific, just because on high season three rooms of our hotel absolutely could not accommodate everyone who’d like to stay with us. We allowed everyone to set up tents in our back garden and did so ourselves… but that was not enough.
Yet, some times fairy tales come into flesh and one winter night Father Christmas left us a gift.
Our dear friend and esteemed guest, Dmitry from sunny California, was so charmed by Slovenia that decided to buy a house here. For many nights we spent in conversations with a cup of hot mulled wine, we understood that friendship and mutual understanding may turn into one fantastic project. So, let us introduce
… Kakoste at The Valley of Great Lakes

New view from the window of Kakoste

Yes, dear reader. Oless, Katya and Vasya the Cat moved to the valley of Bled and Bohinj lakes to a house bought by Dmitry. We renovate it using the best of our experience and your feedback for all those three years we met and parted our dear guests.

We will solve you look at the weld …

While we’re building our new house, it is not really empty as you may well guess. Regardless of construction inconveniences, our friends and guests, old and new, come to our new place as volunteers. You are welcome too! Just fill the form below, write us a letter that describes your skills and abilities, send it to ok@kakoste net… and you’ll get the unique opportunity to live in the real Alpine village on a border of Triglav National Park in 3 kilometers/2 miles from Lake Bled and 20 kilometers/13 miles from Lake Bohinj, in a house with a real waterfall in a back yard. You’ll become our “guinea pig guests”, take part in our culinary experiments, apply your imagination and talents in fulfilling our unique project… and get an experience in construction no less unique!

You can follow our project news, as well as our quirks, bents and other hobbies on our Facebook page. Ah, yes! Vasya the Cat asked to follow his OWN page too! Hugs… and welcome!

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